Hello and welcome! I am Alix, and I have been a personal trainer for 3 years. As a background, I trained as a dancer from the age of 3, and went to professional dance college at 16. This taught me the importance of discipline and a strong mindset, which I have carried over to my fitness career. 

        In regards to my personal fitness journey, I have tried lots of different types of training and diets in order to change my physique. For many years, I was frustrated with training, not getting any results and feeling negative about myself and my body. So I decided that instead of focusing on the outside, I would start to focus on my mentality. 

       I now find fitness an integral part of my life. I love strength training, conditioning, HIIT, running - the list is endless. I have pushed myself to limits and enjoyed myself while doing it! More importantly, learning about fitness made me passionate about teaching others. I want to teach clients the science behind their training, why the methods work, how to change for the long term. I educate my clients from start to finish, giving them knowledge to take away from the sessions and put into practice. 

       Personally, I think the key to keeping fit for life is enjoyment. I like to live an active lifestyle by always trying new things and encourage my clients to do the same. Of course I want to push my clients and get them to where they need to be - but I want to have a laugh and enjoy the process with them too! If this sounds like the coach you've been looking for, get in touch!