8 Common myths of the Personal Trainer

After a couple of weeks off writing posts, I decided that I’d like to write something a little more light-hearted. When thinking about personal training there’s quite a lot to consider, but I want to debunk a few of the misconceptions around trainers.

1. All PT’s do the same job.

No, we don’t. We all have a different skillset, niche and level of knowledge. Trainer selection is important, so make sure you do some research before making a choice. Good PT’s will usually refer you to someone better suited to your needs if you’re unsure, but this doesn’t always happen so be selective.

2. We just get paid to plan sessions

Well that depends on the trainer you select, but mostly not the case. Personal trainers worth their money do a lot more than that and will try to be as involved as possible as well as consistently developing their own knowledge.

3. We do nutritional plans

Setting the record straight here – any professional without a nutritionist degree should not be giving you a diet plan. We can give you nutritional advice and recipe ideas; I’ve met personal trainers that have an extensive understanding of nutrition and provide exceptional advice to their clients. They still don’t give out diet plans. Not sorry for exposing incorrect practice here.

4. We are exceeding expectations in all things fitness and diet 24/7

Fitness isn’t linear. Unfortunately, it’s not just a straightforward uphill progress for professionals either. Yes, we have more knowledge so the process may seem easier. It’s not any less work. Diets are hard. Training is hard. We all experience dips in progress.

5. We don’t get injured

We all wish that were true. But it’s not. We do get injured and sometimes it can be pretty bad. I’ve watched a PT dislocate his elbow during an Olympic lift and it was just as gross as you can imagine. We are definitely not indestructible.

6. We know everything

Not true and quite impossible. We don’t know it all and that’s why many of us specialise in different areas of fitness. Studies and information in the fitness industry is broad and expands by the day. Trainers who are passionate about the industry will naturally keep learning and if you have a question they can’t answer, they will research for you.

7. Employing a trainer is all you need to do

There are 168 hours in a week. Working with a personal trainer for 2 hours a week does not undo the other 166 hours. Learn as much as you can from us and transfer that to everyday living and you’ve hit the jackpot. We can only provide you with so much. A collaboration between trainer and client is essential to meeting the end goal.

8. We like to inflict pain

Half true. We definitely don’t want to inflict unnecessary pain, but watching clients dramatically fall to the floor with a choice word or two after a hard session is pretty hilarious.

Alix x

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